Soap Packaging Design

Product Packaging Designer, Devon

This project consisted of a new logo design and new packaging design.

I was delighted to be involved with this brand and packaging design project for a small Devon based business that makes natural soap from goat's milk.

The company's old brand style was fun, but didn't portray the right feel for the product. The soap was packaged in a brown box, making it hard to feel the product and smell the different fragrances.

I decided to replace the brown box packaging for paper wrappers, giving a much more natural feel, and enabling the customer to feel and smell the fragrances before making their purchase. I illustrated the wrapper designs, distinguishing each scent through relevant imagery and colour. The goat shape is inspired by the company's very own goat Myrtle.

"My business had been running for a couple of years. I knew I had a great product, courtesy of Myrtle the Goat but my packaging was fairly basic and bland. Since Emma, our product packaging designer, has worked her magic on the new designs however the soap wrappers are so eye catching that the increase in sales is remarkable. Additionally Emma redesigned my website which now looks stunning. Great visual impact whilst being easy to navigate around and once again website orders have improved. I am thrilled with the final results, as is Myrtle who is reaping the benefits of the additional sales by way of extra treats!"
TL - The Dirty Old Goat Soap Co.

Soap Packaging Designer, Devon

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