Large Product Catalogue Design

Large Product Catalogue Design

This project consisted of a large product catalogue, advertisement and flyer design, website layout design.

This large product catalogue design for Dental Warehouse was a pleasure for me to be involved with.

My aim with this catalogue was to make it easy for the viewer to find what they were looking for by completely re-formatting an old version of the catalogue and refreshing the design.

I copied all content across from the old catalogue, while adjusting the order of the products to flow more logically, with a clear index page. I included clear icons so that the products within the catalogue could be easily referenced to the website for more information. This A4 catalogue consisted of over 150 pages and thousands of products.

In addition to creating a brand new design for this catalogue I helped to launch new products through individual brochures, advertisements and flyers.

I also simultaneously helped to re-design the layout and order of the content on the Dental Warehouse website, bringing consistency through the categories in the catalogue and the website.


If you'd like a quote for producing your product catalogue please contact me.

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